One of the leading travel destinations, not only in Greece, but also in the whole world, Santorini has its honor every summer, when it appears in all the international media. See Santorini with Santorini private tour!  The magical landscape with the volcano, the unique beaches and the picturesque Alleys are just a few reasons why you should put this Cycladic island in your next destinations.


One of the things that Santorini is really famous for is the beautiful sunsets! Whether you are a hardcore romantic or the type of person who watches zombie movies, without being timid, you will enjoy the beautiful sunset of the island.


The romantic island has plenty of beaches, ranging from wild beaches full of hot black sand, to well-organized beaches, where you can enjoy your cold drink directly on your sun lounger. Before throwing away organized beaches, give them a chance. Although you may hate the busy beaches, we loved the beach in Kamari! On days when you want a break from work, relax on a sun lounger in front of a tavern and get up at noon to swallow a Greek salad and some homemade wine.


You will love wine and food in Santorini and more than all the fresh fish and seafood. Surprisingly, its volcanic soil offers many more delicacies, such as sweet grapes, local fava beans, while there is no shortage of fresh local produce.

The picturesque villages

Apart from the big beaches, Santorini has some picturesque harbors right on the shore, such as Ammoudi that you can visit to enjoy the magical landscape and the sunset or to combine it with a delicious seafood meal. Of course, there are many who choose even this small port to swim.

Relatively cheap holidays

Surprisingly, spending a budget vacation in Santorini is not as difficult as one might think. The island, indeed, has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, but it also has plenty of hostels, with beds from € 10 per night. As for the food, you could live with the delicious snack, especially the souvlaki (€ 1-3) for weeks.

It has natural thermal springs

Due to the volcano, many bays have been created with hot water from the lava, which work therapeutically and it would certainly be interesting to see what it is like to swim in this water.

It has the best hotels

The hotels of the island have followed to the fullest the Cycladic architecture, maintaining the homogeneity of the island and many of them have been built on the rocks resulting in the view they offer to be unique. Also many of them are luxurious and their pools are like a balcony to the sea.


The tiny island of Santorini has an incredible array of well-preserved remnants of ancient times. From the town of Akrotiri, buried under volcanic ash during the eruption of the 17th century BC, to the magnificent site of Ancient Thira, there is plenty of history that will keep you busy for days.

In 1646 BC. in Santorini was one of the largest volcanic eruptions and this resulted in the coverage of the then settlement of the island. Thus, with the excavations, many objects of ancient civilization come to the surface, which are worth seeing for every visitor.


The people of Santorini are so friendly. You could be cynical, saying that tourism is more or less their only source of income, but for most, the courtesy was heartfelt and honest. Add to that the fact that pretty much everyone on the island speaks very good English and you will have the perfect destination for solo travel!

It is a romantic island

Of course when we talk about Santorini, we could not miss the unique sunset, for which people travel from all over the world or choose the Greek island for their honeymoon. Every afternoon many visitors go up to Imerovigli waiting to see the sun set on the sea.

The colors that the sky takes are definitely a unique experience and can only be etched in your memory like a painting. How much more to face this fantastic view with your partner.


Santorini is the ideal place for any budding photographer, because you can convince everyone that you are a professional. The whole island is a living postcard!

The islands around Santorini

If you are bored of the grandeur of Santorini, you could easily visit another island. The famous island of Mykonos is only 150 km away, but there are other amazing places, such as Ios, Milos or Naxos for something a little different.

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